identifying & resolving NEED to benefit community

River CDC, full name is Quinebaug River Community Development Corporation, is a non-religious 501(c)3 non-profit.

Our volunteers identify a community need, create a plan and resolve that issue benefiting everyone around us.

Community Need

Goal: A central location for fitness, exercise, wellness, fun and enrichment for all ages.

Born: riverFIT is a variety of programming like Kokondo Karate, Aerobics & Pilates, MixxedFIT, Yoga and more! Taught by local instructors, very low cost and highly engaging sessions. More info coming soon! All in one location! 

A Side Note: Thank you to the amazing people of Quinebaug River Church for allowing this program to be housed in their building at 32 School Street, Jewett City! 

Stronger, Together!

We are very grateful that the brand new Quinebaug River Church is allowing us to use their beautiful facility to offer these programs to the public. All affordable!